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Our Survey Activities



Cargo Superintendent behalf United Nations-World Food Promramme, Rome

External condition & freshness quality survey on frozen sea foods prior to shipment.

On hire/Off hire condition &  Bunker quantification survey on ocean going vessels.
Shore tank survey of Edible Oil (CDSO, CPO) & Petroleum products (HSD, SKO, JP1, Crude F. Oil, etc).
Arrival load Ullage surveys on tanker vessels including dry tank inspection.
Arrival Load Draft/Light Draft surveys on bulk carrier vessels.
External condition survey of imported reconditioned and new vehicles during discharge from RORO vessels.
Property Valuation Surveys.
Heavy Lift Project Cargo Surveys and supervisions until site delivery.
Empty Containers survey to certify fit for loading of export cargos.
Freezing Plant survey of sea food processing Freezing and cold storage.
Loss prevention survey on Bagged & Bulk cargoes.
Pre-shipment inspection on Raw Jute, Jute Yarn & Jute Goods.
External condition survey on quantity of cartons, containing Readymade Garments during stuffing into containers.
Motor Accident, Fire, Flood losses and miscellaneous surveys.
General Average Survey.
Pre-risk Survey of various Manufacturing and Processing Industries & Private Container Depots (Off-Docks).
Inspection of Plants, Factories, Buildings, Structures, Designs,  Fire Fighting Equipments, Fire Extinguishing arrangement, etc.
Survey on Demo vessels.
Post landing/continuous cargo condition survey on bagged & bulk cargos during discharge from ocean going vessels.
Hatch Unsealing surveys.
Break Bulk surveys.
Hull & Machinery damage surveys.
External condition & seal survey of laden containers during discharge from vessels.
  Other Services:
Claim Handling & Settling Agents.
Investigation into Medical Insurance Claim.

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