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Our Fields of Expertise



 Power Generation Plant.
 O/M (Operation & Maintenance) of instant Gas Turbine power generation plant.
 Installation, Operation and maintenance of “Power Boss”- an energy saving unit.
 Power generation from municipal garbage / solid water disposal.
 Water treatment plant.
 Sewerage treatment plant.
 Air conditioning, Refrigeration and ventilation systems.
 Computer room Air Conditioning system.
   Heat pump water source air conditioning systems.
 Refrigeration and cold storage.
 Cooling tower for industrial and commercial operation.
 Smoke evacuation, exhaust and fresh air-conditioning systems of the Garments,
 Textiles and Spinning mills.
 Energy Co-generation system, Air-Conditioning and Humidification system of
 spinning mills.
 Fire detection, fire alarm, fie hydrant, fire protection system.
 Emergency Energy Management (EMS) and Building Automation system.
 Close circuit T.V (CCTV) security surveillance system.
 Low and High Pressure Boilers and heat exchangers for commercial and industrial
 Sheet metal galvanized, aluminium, Black iron, Metal Asbestos and stainless steel
 ductwork for the residential, industrial and commercial operations.
 Sub-station, Generator, Variable frequency drive, Variable speed drive, Generator
 Synchronization operation.
 Supply installation for all types of Air-conditioning e.g. room, split, package,
 roof top, Dx-type and Central Air- conditioning system.
 High and low pressure boilers and heat exchangers for industrial and commercial
 Establishment of Technical training school for the unskilled and unemployed
 man-power for the installation, operation, supervision, repair, maintenance and
 trouble shooting of the air conditioning, welding, pipe fittings, motor winding and
 Computer Engineering works.
 BMRE works for the industrial and commercial complexes in the Electro Mechanical
 Engineering works.

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