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What is Powerboss?
Any company that operates AC induction motor driven systems can benefit from Powerboss. In reality, many motors are working significantly below their design capacity resulting in high levels of inefficiency. If one could intelligently monitor and reduce the power drawn by a motor to match its actual need under variable load conditions, one could open up an enormous energy savings opportunity. Unfortunately, motors have no way of intelligently adjusting the amount of electricity they draw to match the constant variations in demand. Powerboss can just do that for you!

Successful Powerboss installations can be found within factories, offices, hospitals, airports, convenience stores and supermarkets- from the smallest corner shop- to the largest industrial complex Substantial improvements can be made to air conditioning, refrigeration, escalators, presses, compressors, hydraulics, saws, injection moulding, pumps, conveyors and crushers… to name but a few!

By using Powerboss, one can dramatically improve overall efficiency providing a safer and more reliable operation with substantial reductions in both energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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